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TUTORIAL ON HOW TO USE THE SITE - Beta will improve this

1 Navigation

The main menu which is always fixed at the top of the screen is the main way to navigate the site. Simple click on a heading on the menu and more options will drop down. You can mouse over each option and a description will appear giving you further instructions. Also most links and clickable icons on the site can also be moused over for further instructions, I will work on improving this as time goes by!

2 Login

You user name and password are both case sensitive and can't contain any characters besides letters and numbers! You can also click Login as a annonomous user, you will be prompted to solve a capcha and you have limited privilages, such as you can only post in comments and public chat rooms, and you can only include chat extentions in comments posting, html is not allowed for anon users!

3 Chat, Comments and Post Geo World Syntax

When you post in a chat room, a blog, a discussion, edit your user page, or comment about some content, you can use the certain special comments for example any hyper link ie http://localhost/geofftop_home.php will show up as a url, if geo world can understand the file type it may post it in the content window or display it in some special way, (The content window is simply a window style menu you can view the content it, well continuing to view the post), for example the file types .jpg, .gif, .pdf and .bmp are all image types and will be displayed as such, the way content is displayed depends on your user settings, some areas of the site allow you to set settings local to that page, the chat rooms for example. Images for example can be view directly in the post, as a hyper link or displayed in the content window, depending on what you have selected in settings.

Note that the chat does not support html tags, they are simply printed as text, the other areas do support a limited number of tags! A list of the supported tags is found in section 6 of this index!

4 Supported File Types - note files may be posted from other domains

IMAGES: .jpg, .gif, .pdf and .bmp

EBOOK: .pdf

VIDEO: .flv, .mp4, .mov, 3gp, 3q2

AUDIO: .mp3, aac, m4a (the last two are technically video formats but they only play audio)

note: for audio and video files certain type of codecs do not seem to play we will try to publish a list of valid codecs

Video Codecs

H.264 ( .mp4, .mov, .f4v )

Video in either the MP4 or Quicktime container format. These files must contain video encoded with the H.264 codec and audio encoded with the AAC codec. H264/AAC video is today's format of choice. It can also be played on a wide range of (mobile) devices. Note: If you cannot seek within an MP4 file be before it is completely downloaded, the cause of this problem is that the so-called MOOV atom (which contains the seeking information) is located at the end of your video. Check out this little application to parse your videos and fix it.

FLV ( .flv )

Video in the Flash Video container format. These files can contain video encoded with both the ON2 VP6 codec and the Sorenson Spark codec. Audio must be in the MP3 codec. FLV is a slightly outdated format. It is also unique to Flash. Note: If the progress bar isnít running with your FLV file, or if your video dimensions are wrong, this means that your FLV file doesn't have metadata. Fix this by using the small tool from buraks.com.

3GPP ( .3gp, .3g2 )

Video in the 3GPP container format. These files must contain video encoded with the H.263 codec and audio encoded with the AAC codec. Used widely for mobile phones because it is easy to decode. More and more devices switch to H264 though.

AAC ( .aac, .m4a )

Audio encoded with the AAC codec. Indeed, this is not video! However, the player must use the video provider to playback this audio, since the sound provider only supports MP3. State of the art codec, widely supported.

Audio Codecs

MP3 ( .mp3 )

Audio encoded with the MP3 codec. Though not as good as AAC, MP3 is very widely used. It is also supported by nearly any device that can play audio. Note: If you encounter too fast or too slow playback of MP3 files, it contains variable bitrate encoding or unsupported sample frequencies (eg 48Khz). Please stick to constant bitrate encoding and 44 kHz. The free iTunes software has an MP3 encoder built-in.

5 Supported Video Types - Simply paste in the url for the page containing the video you wish to play

You Tube Video and You Tube Playlists

Google Video

Veoh Video - note you must have the veoh video plugin installed to watch all their content at full length.

Guba Video

6 Supported Html Tags

note: You must be registered and html is not allowed in chat post it is simply printed as text

A list of supported html tags follows:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, a, em, hr, b, strong, br, big, u, ul, strike, small, p, img, i , blockquote, q, cite, code, pre, embed, object

note: the preview function does not strip tags, but they are stripped when you submit the actual post, so be sure only to use allowable tags, please note javascript and style atributes will be stripped from tags as well, so be sure to only use legal tags to avoid problems, I will work on a parser for preview so it can recognize illegal tags, avoiding the confussion this can cause.